About Us

We are a husband/wife writing and filmmaking team, graduates of Yale and Columbia. Both of our children made application videos, and both got into their top choice colleges. While helping our kids through the application process we became fascinated by the phenomenon of video essays. Watch just a handful and you will come away impressed by their display of creativity, individuality and collective vitality. This generation, if not reinventing the college application, is surely upgrading it. In the Internet age – as colleges promote themselves on their own YouTube channels – adding a one or two minute video to your application seems like a “no brainer.” We’ve written the book and set up this site to pass on our filmmaking experience, to create a place where students can learn from each other, and to track this new form which – like all things Internet – is inventing itself as it goes along. We want to show you how to get into a good college and this website is one of our efforts to do so.

Max and Rosa